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Name:Whither thence?
Birthdate:Dec 6
(verb) to aim far too, far too low.

A Mighty Thundering of Wisdom, Not One Word of Which Can Be Gainsaid: An Examination of the Failings, Ethical, Moral, Literary, Historical, Grammatical, Intellectual and Otherwise of the Work and Person of Paarfi of Roundwood, Formerly of this University - a Perfunctory Summary, Volume Five: On the Lecherous Behavior of Paarfi of Roundwood, Profusely and Extensively Illustrated with Engraved Plates, Many of Them in Color, Depicting Each of the Actresses, Mannequins, Warriors, Courtesans, Hired Sluts, and Promising Young Female Writers with Whom Paarfi's Name Has Been Linked, Whether Conclusively Proved (Chapters I-LIV), or Merely Rumored, Either on Good Authority (Chapters LV-CIV) or Poor or No Authority at All (Chapters CV-CLX)

From over here, although it's not like I really use that either.


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&, 3d6 x 6, adjectives ending in ate, aimee mann x fiona apple, animals, azure bonds, being a ridiculous nerd, being a smartass, bittersweet, bots, cats, chaos, combatting the distaff scourge, comparative anatomy, conlanging, conquering feudal china, crawl, cubone, cute but deadly, deadpan, dragaera, dwarf fortress, echidnas, everything and/or nothing, fandom, final fantasy tactics, flying island lesbos, futurama, geek mythology, genfic, girls, going barefoot, greenwich in the sky, grrrr-baaah, guster, half-assed save point explanations, healie, hentai doujinshi english summary, heterophobia, homestuck, horns, hot cocoa, huldrer, humility, hurt/comfort that's actually good, hysterical paroxysm, i like lots of, irc, ironically appropriate fates, liches, life, light warriors, making friends happy, milk as healing item, monotremes, moogles, my life for irony!, nethack, ninja, non-vampire undead, non-wussy drow, o biz, old forgotten realms novels, otaku pidgin, overthinking, paarfi of roundwood, paperbagging, parody, personifying everything, poetry that rhymes, point-and-click adventure games, precision cussing, professor daravon, proving unexpectedly girly, reading typos phonetically, red, robert frost wa kakkoi, sabotaging own happiness, sabotaging own self-sabotage attempts, saikyo-ryu style, saiyuki (the game), sam and max, same song on repeat, sarah slean, satire, saturday morning cartoon plots, secret underground test facilities, servbots, sheep, silly humans, sinistrality, snakes, sophistication, stanley hihat trinidad xiv, strategy rpgs, superfluous prettyboys, techbot, the diversity of perversity, the little things, the lonely, the new pornographers, the takeba/kirijo generational ship, they might be giants, things that are good, this, threatening to go goth, threatening to go otherkin, tiassa, to the extreme, touhou, transcending humanity, undeath, using smut to harm, valkyries, video game logic, video game music, vivi, war on marriage, with sexy results, writing depressing stories, xenophilia, yamara, zany misadventures, zoology
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