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Whither thence? ([personal profile] nu_ophiuchi) wrote2011-12-21 05:16 pm

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As someone who doesn't use LJ much anymore anyway, this new comment page affair obviously doesn't affect me incredibly much, because seriously when was the last time I posted a comment anyway? (Although I do still read CFUD, and it certainly does suck to be them. Good luck guys!) It is a pretty terrible redesign, though. I mean I'd heard about the subject field being removed because the designer has decided nobody uses it anyway, but nixing the preview option is news to me and I can't wrap my brain around it at all.

It's not particularly complicated to compensate for on the small scale seeing as custom comment pages work the way they used to (though that also includes their own traditional issues) but it's such an unnecessary annoyance. I'd kinda be inclined to jump ship at this point if, again, I were really still using the ship in the first place. Most of the hilarious LJ fouls in the past have been subtler -- issues of ethics or privacy or such that are easier to forget about as long as they don't directly affect you. Making the site into one I'm just viscerally not interested in using is much more straightforward. But aside from my own never posting, my flist has been dwindling for a long time too. Is anyone really still out there?

I dunno, maybe I'll just crosspost some Gloria pics anyway. It's not like it's hard.

It's been too long!